Thursday, January 31, 2013

Poem Speak Now

Poetry Speaks

When you’re tired of the world

& its devastation,

I’m your golden arch

You use me to squash your appetite

for forbidden food

I soothe you when your

friends betray you

I calm you when you’re anxious and angry.
I make your life luminous in blackness

while you prattle, prance & pounce

against indifference indignity

of deep, dark night
Every disturbance & danger

frighten you like a wasp in your path.


A gold leaf flies in your window

You so elegantly pen its existence

When it snows in spring,

you protest in bleak language:

“It’s a blemish 

in blasé nature,” you said.
When the art dealer

forgets your Georgia O’Keeffe,

your Jacob Lawrence, & your Claude Monet

you blast him on paper

to trap your tongue

You forget: I’m your bond;

You have me to console you

if you’re feeling angry,

a little purple, or overwhelmed.

c/o copyright 2012 Joyce Evans-Campbell

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